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Healing Through Pleasure - Ph: 0425 347 477


It's time to unplug.

An entirely new world unfolds when we move

from the over identification of our minds into the wild unknown of our body intelligence.

There is a deep sense of restoration and 

coming home. We no longer need to hustle, 

push, force, perform or over extend ourselves.


These Sexuality Bodywork sessions are created

with the utmost of care and reverence for your

being. Whether your requirements are:


* Deep Relaxation, Replenishment and Repair

* Quality Sex & Tantra Education

* Sexual Health Issues & Challenges

* Stress Reduction & Overcoming Addictive Patterns

* Relationship Counselling



Restoring Body, Mind, Sexuality & Soul

Fill Your Cup

Carefully crafted, these full body sessions build layer upon layer of contrasting touch, alternating with various pressures, paces and intensities. Through your arousal, we turn on both the active and receptive components of your nervous system. Bringing you into heightened aliveness AND into your deepest relaxation at the same time. This goes far beyond your mind's capacity, satiating you at the very core of your being, leaving you centred, grounded and connected to yourself for days afterward.

These Sessions Are Great When.....

These sessions are for men who are wanting a bit more authentic connection than the heady, addictive style of everyday sensual massages. These sessions can be a great "pattern interrupt". Offering real sensitivity to support you in navigating through life's growth, challenges and change. This is the place to drop old, outmoded energy that's no longer working for you and refill your cup with quality, life affirming  juice.

These sessions can be particularly supportive when you're feeling exhausted, disconnected, depressed, stressed, frustrated, grieving, heartbroken or experiencing past trauma and need a hand in finding your way back to yourself.

 OR maybe you just want to update 

your sex education and learn

how to be the best lover you can be.


Over the years, i have seen thousands of male clients and have accumulated a healthy body of knowledge in many areas of men's sexual health. In my experience, the large majority of sexual health challenges that men are presenting, originate more from cultural conditioning, societal pressure and poor sex education habits, rather than something actually being amiss physically. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious about any of the following issues, please reach out and let's get you sorted and back on the right track - pronto.

  • Erectile Fluctuation - Mastering erection challenges
  • Early Ejaculation - Learning how to extend your pleasure time
  • Delayed Ejaculation - Learning how to regulate your tension and let go
  • Hyper sexuality - Learning how to deeply relax and surrender into yourself
  • Frozen sexuality - How to melt and feel yourself again
  • Porn Addiction - How to rewire and reset the ways you experience pleasure
  • Post Prostate Surgery Removal Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months
  • Post Vasectomy Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months

"Letting go of who we think we should be 

and relaxing into who we are."

Eve Marie


Every session is tailor made to suit your unique needs and requirements. 

The following session topics are purely a guideline, designed to give you a sense of what is possible.

If you require something different please let me know. Sessions can be Coaching or Counselling, both online 

& face to face or Bodywork Only or a combination of both Coaching/Counselling with Bodywork.

Relaxation and Self Care

* Full Body Scrub, Sauna, Spa & Tantra Massage * Pelvic Release Bodywork * Prostate Massage

Somatic Sex Education

* Sexological Bodywork - Experiential Learning Opportunities  * Self Pleasure Coaching

* Defining Your Boundaries * Tantric, Taoist & Shamanic Sexuality Practices * How to Cultivate Sustainable Sexuality 

* Ejaculation Mastery - Creating Full Body Orgasmic Experiences  

* How To Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body 

* Legendary Lover Program

Sexual Health Challenges

* Navigating Andropause * Erectile fluctuation * Early or delayed ejaculation * Hypersexualisation 

* Lack of libido * Porn Addiction * Post prostate surgery support * Post vasectomy support

Relationship Counselling and Coaching

* Relating Issues & Concerns * Navigating Stress & Anxiety in Relationship * Communication Skills 

* Maintaining A Healthy Emotional Body 

Women's Sexuality

* Her Anatomy & Arousal System * Understanding the Value of Breast Massage & New Massage Techniques 

* How to Give a Yoni Massage & Mapping * Sexual Healing Skillset for the Modern Man 

"I was delivered to a powerful and delightful place so very deep 

within my being. 

For perhaps the first time in my life 

I felt seen, acknowledged and accepted as a whole human being".


Business Owner

"I cannot praise enough your 

ability to connect and provide an environment of trust. 

The 'now' has never been 

so beautiful. Thank you for 

helping me find it".


IT Specialist

"Eve is truly a master 

- without the egoic stature or facade that sometimes accompanies 

that mastery.

 She is all "open heart" from the moment you walk through the door".


Health Practitioner


Eve is a Professional Member of the:

SSEAA -Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia.

ACSB -Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers

Eve is a Trusted Bodyworker -

An International Directory for Certified Practitioners of Sexological Bodywork, Tantric Massage and Sex Coaching. 

Eve Marie is a Certified Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, 

Relationship Counsellor, Intimacy & Tantra Coach, 

Tantra Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist. 

Eve has spent the past 19 years studying Tantric, Taoist, Shamanic & Conventional Sexuality and Relationship approaches. She offers a welcoming, non judgemental space of sensitive holding for her clients. 

She combines a broad range of physical, emotional and psychological embodiment practices, that support her clients to connect to the most alive and authentic versions of themselves. Her Byron Bay Shire practice has been successfully operating for the last 14 years.

For general information on her Men's, Women's & Couple's Sessions, Workshops & Retreats, please visit

or Couples Retreats please visit

Session Prices

Online or Face to Face, Single or Multiple Sessions & Programs, Coaching, Counselling or Sexuality Bodywork

Coaching & Counselling


60 Minute Session



Update Your Sex Education

Discuss Any Sexual or Relationship Challenges

You Are Having

Life Coaching

& Counselling

Tantra Massage Session


3 Hour Session

Tantra Tuition & Bodywork


Update Your Sex Education



Embodiment Practices

90 Minute Full Body Restoration

Tantra Massage

Sauna, Spa & Bodywork


3 Hour Session

Bonus Fruit Platter & Hot Towels


30 Min Full Body Scrub & Shower

Time to Listen to Your Body

1 Hour Sauna & Spa 


90 Minute Full Body Restoration

Tantra Massage

Face to Face Program


6 Sessions

Coaching & Bodywork


Tailor Made 

6 or 12 Week Program

4 X 60 Minute 

Coaching Online 

or Face to Face

2 X 3 Hour Coaching 

& Tantric Bodywork Sessions

Online Program


6 X 60 Minute Sessions

Legendary Lover Program


Tailor Made

6 or 12 Week Program

6 Pillars of 



Turn Your Sexual Challenges

Into Your Greatest Strengths

Bodywork Only


2 Hour Session

Maintaining Your Personal Care


30 Min 

Full Body Scrub 

75 Minute 

Full Body Restoration

Tantra Massage

Deep Rest, Integration &

Luxury Shower


Friday Night Special

During the colder months, I offer a pretty decadent 5 hour session on Friday nights.

This is one of those stand out experiences that you'll probably never forget.

Like a snake shedding its skin, we start with an invigorating salt scrub to peel back

and melt the layers of tension,  bringing you fully into the here and now of your body. 

You then take an extra long shower, before having a detoxifying sweat in the infrared sauna. 

A fruit platter and spa bath awaits you for a generous soaking. 

Because we don't have to rush, you have the luxurious opportunity to listen to your body, timing your sauna and spa to suit your bodies needs. Now you've unwound properly, you're prepped and ready to receive your 2 Hour Full Body Tantra Massage.  Afterwards, there's quiet integration time in front of the fire and freshly prepared homemade soup that's deeply nourishing. Everyone needs to have this level of honouring at least once in their lives!

May to September. 6.30pm to 11.30pm. Advance Bookings Required. $850

Session Availability & How To Book A Session or Program - Ph: 0425 347 477

For a quick response, sessions are best booked by:

Phoning Eve directly - Please Phone: 0425 347 477 - I will answer all voice messages

OR for advanced bookings, being 7 days or more, please email me -

I offer morning and afternoon session times. Sessions do book out regularly, so advance booking is highly recommended. Same day sessions are occasionally available - it's worth a try!


I appreciate a $150 Non Refundable Deposit to hold your session time. 

Deposits are transferrable when more than 48hrs notice is given of your booking change.


Contact Eve ~ Ph: 0425 347 477  Email:



Email Address*

I would like to:



My luxury session space is at Ocean Shores, 

15 minutes north of Byron Bay, next to Brunswick Heads.


Yes, I offer both sessions and retreats, please visit for 

more information 

For Couples:
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